F-Secure IS adding a green checkmark to Windows desktop icons?

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There was an update to F-Secure IS 18.1 today on my Windows 10 machine. allover a sudden, all (well almost all) desktop icons have got a green checkmark overlayed at the bottem right. The checkmark looks exaclty like the chekmark F-Secure IS adds to verified search results in the browser. Does F-Secure modify Windows desktop icons? If so, how can I switch that off?



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  • phunsoft
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    OneDrive is not active.

    But as sudden as they appeared, they disappeared again. When I logged into my PC today to check OnDrive status, The check marks were gone. Huh? What's going on here?

    Anyway, the problem ihas vanisched for the time being.


  • Ukko
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    I am only an F-Secure user. Sorry for my reply.

    I have not seen anything like it. But I haven't used F-Secure IS for a long time. If it is not something specific to this solution, could it be from any backup / cloud storage solutions like OneDrive, Google Drive or so?

    At least, if I will try to use this sentence as "search query":

    green checkmark to Windows desktop icons

    then, most of search results are discussions about OneDrive (or other security solutions). Some of them:


    Could your check it? I mean, if that view is close your experience. And if so - then Microsoft community discussion may be useful. Otherwise (if no any cloud solutions in use), the first URL with some tricks to clear cache.


  • phunsoft
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    Thanks for that tip. I don't use any cloud service at all. But I'll check if OneDrive got activated inadvertently (can't imagine, but you never know how Microsoft tries trick you into features you don't want).


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