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I tried to upgrade my existing KEY license to ID Protection. ID Protection asks me to either create a new F-Secure account or login with the existing one. I have existing account and tried to login. Once provided uid/pw then the next screen is error message saying "Subscription expired" and there is nothing I can do.

I have had earlier SAFE subscription which is indeed expired and I don't want to renew that anymore. However I would like to buy this ID Protection but not able to do it for some reason. I have also tried to reach support by phone but that seems to be impossible job as well.

F-Secure, I am still interested to buy ID Protection. I need some support here.

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  • Obscure
    Obscure Posts: 6 New Member

    Thanks, will try that.

    However please pass on the feedback. If the customer already has the account, why it cannot be used. Buying should not be difficult and hassling first deleting account and then creating new account. Process really needs to be simple. You will really lose many sales this way...

  • Jaims
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    Hi @Obscure

    The existing account has an expired F-Secure SAFE subscription that has not function for a long time. Besides, that is F-Secure SAFE and not the ID Protection you are trying to setup although they both use the same My F-Secure platform to operate. This is the simple reason you need to get rid of the old trial account and setup a proper account for your ID Protection.

    F-Secure KEY is now obsolete so starting afresh on ID Protection with much more amazing security features is your best bet!

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