Big Sur 11.4 Report Full Disk Access False Positive

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Just updated Mac OS Big Sur to 11.4 and I get a message from F-Secure Safe saying that it cannot protect without full access to my MiniMac disk. When I go to the privacy preferences, F-Secure still has access and yet the programme claims it doesn't. Do F-Secure need to update their programmes?



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    Dear @Misha1Gl,

    Thank you very much for your question.

    Please note that after upgrading the Mac OS to Big Sur 11.4, the F-Secure SAFE main UI window falsely reports that Full Disk Access is missing. This issue is only affecting customers running the latest release of Big Sur 11.4 due to changes made by Apple.

    There is no degradation in protective capabilities provided by SAFE. This is just a cosmetic issue which is only visible in the main UI window ("false positive" warning).

    This issue is fixed in SAFE for Mac version 17.10 MR2 (build 37976), which was released to production on 2021-05-25. This upgrade will happen automatically, and there is no actions needed by customers.

    I hope that the above was helpful.



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    Oh nice to hear..I unstilted -SAFE from several Mac here at home, because I thought it really was failing... but when I log into my f-secure account to redownload the app to install it.. I come to the "choose what device You want to install on, where I would normally choose Mac and then download the app... now there shows nothing both in safari and in firefox... just a button that tells me to proceed but it can't be klicked... I am stumped... don't know how to reinstall SAFE again... so right now I'm relying on a bunch of free antivirus apps from apple App Store... please how do I download it again on Big Sur 11.4 ??

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    Seems like the portal is broken, but if You got an downloaded install file You can use it... still no update here in Sweden for the build 37976.. so still weird error message about "full disc access"

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