F-Secure account appears to be inaccessible?

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I have just joined the forum so apologies if this is in the wrong part.

I can't seem to access my account which I set up with TalkTalk using an old email (it has now been deleted) and password combination. I cannot reset the password because of course I have not got the email any more. My TalkTalk account is up-to-date with my current email which does not seem to have been updated on the f-secure website. When I try to get a "forgot password email" nothing comes back.

Has anyone got any ideas how I can correct this as I have to download the software and re-load after a windows 10 re-install has reset my laptop security to defender again.


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    Hey @Vanguard_50024 !

    I didn't find any accounts or purchases linked with the email address you are using for this community forum, however, should your issue concern program offered by TalkTalk, please find more information here:

  • Vanguard_50024Vanguard_50024 Posts: 3 New Member

    Hi Lucas,

    That is the point, this is my new email which superseded my set-up email (it was discontinued Orang email) when I first installed the protection software ages ago but when I try to send a password reminder to my current email nothing comes back. I am trying again with a talktalk chat session to get somewhere but it is very painful.


  • Vanguard_50024Vanguard_50024 Posts: 3 New Member


    Have finally got to the bottom of the problem (I hope).The account expired in November and I missed the renewal notices as they buried them in the monthly charges emails. I have now re established a new contract so hopefully I can set up the new install with the current email I have.


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    Dear Paul,

    That's great! I'm glad that it's (hopefully) resolved now 🙂

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