How to transfer a F-safe protection on a PC from one Familly member account to another one of the

marc_perrinmarc_perrin Posts: 5 New Member


How to transfer a F-safe protection on a PC from one Family member account to another one of the same F-secure account?

I was unable to do it!



  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser

    Do you mean on the same device? I think if you have F-Secure installed on one device, it should cover all user accounts on that device.

  • marc_perrinmarc_perrin Posts: 5 New Member


    I got a F-Secure account with the Total formula.

    I create within this account a account for my spouse Florence. But I was unabled to install F-Secure on her new PC. I had to do it as my device (Marc).

    How to transfer the installation to have its PC appearing as her's?

  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,653 Superuser

    Assuming you've purchased a licence for more than one device, you just need to log in to your portal at: on her PC and add her PC as a new device.

  • marc_perrinmarc_perrin Posts: 5 New Member

    Yes I got a licence for 7 devices.

    I attached the 2 screenshots showing that there is no button to add a device in Florence's page.

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    What if you click your name on her machine?

  • marc_perrinmarc_perrin Posts: 5 New Member

    I got this window

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    So, if Florence is the F in the circle, and you clicked on the M in the circle to the right of the F, you got the screenshot above?

    Also, I note that it says 0/7 disposable licences, so I assume all of your licences have been used. So, you would need to release one device (in your My F-secure portal) for a licence to be made available.

    I also note that there appears to already be two devices registered to Florence, so you should be able to release one of those licences and install it on her machine.

    Maybe this guide will help you better than I can:

    How to install SAFE | SAFE | Latest | F-Secure User Guides

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    Hey @marc_perrin !

    Thank you for your question, let me try to provide you with more information about sharing a subscription with a friend or a family member.

    From the screenshots above I can tell that you've already invited Florence into your My F-Secure group. This allows Florence to protect her devices using your available licenses. The person you add as a family member or a friend will receive an invitation email that allows them to set up their My F-Secure sub account. It means that Florence has now her own, personal My F-Secure sub account.

    If the sub-user (Florence) does not remember her password, she can have it reset by clicking on the Forgot your password link then type in their email address. The reset password link would be sent to the email address. For more information on how to reset My F-Secure account password please click here.

    The sub user can install F-Secure SAFE by following these instructions:

    I hope that the above was helpful. Let us know what other questions you might have 🙂

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