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Hi my name is erik and some time ago my f-secure started to do 30% of my disk most of the time i have followed this forum and full scamed but i havent delited temporary files i would like to know if how to delited temporary files and if theres a bigger problem


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    Hey @SilentWhisper99 ,

    Could you please provide us with more information on the product you have and on which device exactly?

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    Ok sure. The Product im using is f-secure SAFE and my system is windows 10

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    Dear @SilentWhisper99

    If F-Secure plugin hosting service process is shown to be using a lot of CPU and disk, it is an indication that the product is currently scanning files. Either a scheduled scan is ongoing or files are currently being scanned by real-time scanning. You can check that under Task Manager -> Processes

    To make sure that a scheduled scan is not ongoing, follow these steps:

    1. Open the Windows Task Manager by right-clicking the taskbar and selecting Task Manager
    2. Go to the Details tab
    3. Sort by name and check if fsscan.exe is running

    If fsscan.exe is running, a scheduled scan is ongoing. The CPU and disk usage will be shown in the Processes tab to be used by F-Secure plugin hosting service.

    You can change the scheduled scanning settings to minimize CPU / Disk usage and also decrease the scanning time:

    1. Open F-Secure SAFE / Internet Security on your computer
    2. Go to Settings 
    3. Go to the Scanning settings tab 
    4. Change the following settings:
      • Enable Run scanning with low priority 
      • Enable Scan only file types that commonly contain harmful code
      • Disable Scan inside compressed files
    5. Close the settings window to take the settings into effect

    When the next scan is run, it will use those settings. 

    Please let me know ff this doesn't help 🙂

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    It might not be the f-secure. Right now noting is runing in disk, but it might be my memmory "Do you see anything sus?" and

    • I cant find "Run scanning with low priority" its im swedish but theres the "Scan only file types that commonly contain harmful code" And the "Scan inside compressed files"

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    A weard thing is that when im geting framedrops and i pull up taskmaneger it sudenly gets good and not framedrops and a side thing of the framedrops is that the sound cuts out in sinc whith the drops so can it be dirty hardwere or virus?? and a side note, ty for responding

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    Hey @SilentWhisper99 ,

    Try to turn on the gaming mode when you want to free up system resources while playing GTA V.

    Computer games often require a lot of system resources to run smoothly. When you have other applications running in the background while you play a game, they degrade the performance of the game as they consume system resources and use your network.

    The gaming mode reduces the product's impact on your computer and reduces its network use. This way, it frees up more system resources for computer games while still maintaining the essential functionality of the product. For example, it suspends automatic updates, scheduled scans and other operations that may need a lot of system resources and network traffic.

    When you use any full-screen application, for example when you are viewing a presentation, slideshow or video, or play a game in full-screen mode, we show only critical notifications if they require your immediate attention. Other notifications are only shown when you exit the full-screen or gaming mode.

    To turn the gaming mode on:

    1. Right-click the product icon in the system tray (F-Secure SAFE icon should be in the bottom right-hand corner)

    A pop-up menu appears.

    1. Select Gaming mode.

    The product's use of system resources is now optimized so that games can run smoothly on your computer.

    Remember to turn off the gaming mode after you stop playing the game. The gaming mode turns off automatically when you restart your computer or when it returns from sleep mode.

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    Hi again @Lucaseuropa i was gone for some time but im back now and i have tried the gaming mode it helped a bit but im still getting frezes. I dont know any more ideas for the reason but do you have any more things to try and help?

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