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I purchased a 3 user license for F-Secure Internet Security and at checkout I was offered an additional user for x amount more so I paid for the additional user, but when I try to use the 4th user I get all subscription are being used or something like that. Any help resolving this is appreciated.


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    Hey @Ralph_Anthony !

    I couldn't find any purchases linked with your email address that you are using for this community forum, however, when you opt for 4 license subscription, you are being given a license code for 3 computer and an additional code for 1 computer. You should receive 2 license codes in total.

    Please make sure that you are using this separate license code on your 4th computer.

    Thank you 🙂


  • Ralph_Anthony
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    Thanks for the reply!

    I ended up called tech they told me the samething. I asked to have the codes resent to my email was no problem.

    Problem resolved

    Thanks again.

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