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I have been having connectivity issues for the past couple of months. There are two things that keep on happening.

The first is that it sometimes takes way too long to connect to the server after unlocking the phone or that it won’t connect until I manually turn it off and then back on. Then it connects right away, which makes me believe that there’s some bug or issue that may be causing this. I have on the setting “Keep VPN on when device is idle”.

The other is that it jumps in and out of connectivity quite often. Which is annoying because the site or app freezes while using it. It also comes up that I’m no longer connected to the internet.

I have tried changing to IKEv2, but the same issues remain. Have also tried removing VPN settings as well as reinstalling the app. On the computer everything seems to work fine so it’s probably something with the mobile app.


Freedome Version

iPhone12,8 iOS 14.4.1


  • SethuSethu Posts: 716 Moderator

    Hi @KelPennypacker

    This following method has been known to fix connectivity issues for some users. However, it is only necessary if you are trying to connect to your VPN via WiFi. 

    On your iPhone, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings

    On your iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular on your iPhone and turn off the switch next to Cellular Data., and enable WiFi only to reconnecting to your VPN. 

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