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I recently migrated from Windows 7 to Windows 10 (performed a clean install of the latter). In Windows 7 a window always popped-up when inserting a flash disk, suggesting to scan the contens of the flash disk. In Windows this does not happen. I checked the settings and made sure that the On/Off switch (Tools>Change Scanning settings>USB Storage devices) is On.

I prefer being prompted for scanning a USB device when iserted, so please infor howto get this function working again.

Thanks, Gijs

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  • Lucaseuropa
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    Hey @pinok !

    In addition to what @Ukko has already wrote, please bear in mind that you are using a modified version of our software offered by XS4ALL.

    It might be a good idea to reinstall the software and see whether it will trigger the pop-up message then.

    Also, you might try to fiddle with the scheduled scan settings, please check this out.

  • pinok
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    Hi Lucas and Ukko,

    Thanks for your prompt replies. The absence of the pop-up was indeed caused by a windows setting, i.e. Focus Assist. I had configured Focus Assist to only show alarms, while the remaining messages were kept in the Action Centre. I opened the Action Centre and, yes, here they were!

    I changed the Focus Assist setting to "Priority Only" and now the pop-up appeared again, as in the screenshot below:

    Once again, thank you for the adequate response!

    Regards, Gijs



  • Ukko
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    Maybe you could try to check Windows 10 settings. For example, "Notifications and Actions" place.

    Described there (but, maybe, is not about the most recent Windows 10 look): Change notification settings in Windows 10 (

    Notifications options: is it enabled itself. And if yes, F-Secure solution listed or not (as software which allowed to give them).


  • Lucaseuropa
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    Dear @pinok ,

    Thank you for sharing with us your findings! ☺️

    I'm glad to know that everything works now exactly as it supposed to.

    Take care, groetjes! 👋

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