ID protection in android 11

Installed ID protection to my new android 11 phone, Passwords sync fine but monitoring says unable to connect. How can I fix that?


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    If the situation still hasn't changed, then it might be great to know more information.

    I tried a clean install of F-Secure ID Protection on Android 11 device (no syncing with others, but just like a freshly set up with master password). Added email for monitoring and the status was normal.

    Could you, maybe, check about Network situation? For example, with Wi-Fi connection (instead of mobile data) or instead to try mobile data. Also, what is exact wording about "unable to connect" - is it description that "check your network connection and try re-connect button"? Or was it splash notification (?!). Are there sentences like "Monitoring: active"?


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    Not working in cellular or in wifi. The error is in Finnish:"Monitorointia ei voitu määrittää" and shows in upper right corner "Yhteysongelma". Network is though fully functional otherwise and passwords are syncing fine. The device is Samsung S21+, Android 11 with latest updates installed.

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    Thanks for your response. So, just as a clarification - I am also only an F-Secure user. If you willing - you could try to reach their official Support channels (for example, web-chat): Contact F-Secure support | F-Secure ( (described as 24/7 available; only limitation - Support Agent should be with free slot; otherwise need to wait a bit).

    Since, I am not sure about design of implementation and any potential reason - could you just to check if "Error" is the same with disabled network (any). When you open F-Secure ID Guardian with "offline" state. Just for sure.

    In addition, if I remember right, then there you need to add an address for monitoring. Was it possible to do it or did this problem appear at this stage? Could you try to add another email for monitoring? Just as a check?

    Also, is there any potential app that can control network traffic on your device? And block/filter some connections?

     There is also this topic:

    However, on my device (Nokia) - I did not perform any special steps for launch and use ID Protection with Android 10 (then with Android 11).


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