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If your Android device is OS 10 or 11, and in case you are not able to launch ID Protection with Password manager, then you can check your device 'Setting' in 'Developer options', find out 'Enable view attribute inspection' and switch off it.

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    Considering a software update to resolve the issue since Samsung, OnePlus and Huawei users are experiencing the issue and most likely won't find a small forum post regarding the problem?

    And just keep in mind, that most users are not experienced enough to know how to enter the developer mode on their Android device and on most likely won't be able to resolve issue without proper guidance.

    For me the solution you suggest does not work since the view attribute inspection is switched off by default and switching it on obviously doesn't fix the problem.

    I made a post about the problem in the Finnish Forum and I would appreciate if you would take the time to investigate the problem further.

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