How to reduce number of devices on F-Secure TOTAL


I am disappointed that it is...

  • not clear or impossible to reduce the number of devices one is paying for (e.g. from 7 to 5)
  • not clear how to change from TOTAL to SAFE

I am paying for 7 devices and my renewal is in 12 days. How do I downgrade to 5 devices? This should be as easy as clicking an option. Not having to look for it, going on a support forum, wasting time like this. Infuriating. In a previous post on this forum, I was told to contact F-Secure's 24/7 Chat about such things. Except it says that Chat is unavailable at the moment. So fat lot of use there.

All of this is very, very frustrating. I feel like I'm being given a pointless, time-wasting runaround. Has it not occurred to the geniuses at F-Secure that people might want to change the package they subscribe to or the number of devices they are paying for? I have other things to do with my time. Why aren't these things clear?! Grrr.

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  • Jaims
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    Hello @PissWax

    There is a provision for customers to downgrade subscription license type, for your case from 7 to 5 devices but there is no provision yet at customer's end to downgrade from F-Secure TOTAL to F-Secure SAFE.

    To downgrade your license from 7 to 5 devices;

    • kindly login to your My F-Secure portal
    • click on Subscription
    • click on Renew Now
    • You may directly see the numbers of licenses or you may have to choose F-Secure TOTAL plan then click on Continue to Checkout
    • On the last page you will have the options to choose your preferred number of license(s)

    Let us know here if you wish to downgrade and it will be done without having to contact our support. However, we have a 24/7, including public holidays, Live Chat support. If there's no agent available, they may be occupied to full capacity at that moment but we kindly suggest you try later.

    Thank you for your understanding.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Hey @danielneuman !

    I'm glad that Nicholas from our Customer Care Support departement was able to help you with your subscription! 😉

    In addition to what @Jaims has wrote, you should actually cancel your current subscription and wait until your current subscription expires to downgrade or reduce the number of your F-Secure TOTAL licenses.

    However, if you don't want to wait until your subscription ends, you should contact our customer service, which you did, and I'm glad that everything is fine now 🙂

    Should you need any additional information or need our assistance, feel free to post here, we're happy to help!


  • PissWax
    PissWax Posts: 4 Observer

    I should now add that this I'm hardly the first one to complain about this, and complaints about it date back years (on this form: here, here and here). This makes me feel that F-Secure is unresponsive to customer feedback about simple, obvious things.

    Incredibly, in one instance above, the recommendation was to let the current service expire (leaving the customer's computer temporarily unprotected) before signing up to a different package (or with different numbers of devices).

    How does that makes sense from either a customer care or security point of view?

    This thoroughly undermines my confidence in F-Secure. This has been a problem for a long time. It's not right not to let people to change packages/numbers of devices according to their needs and, instead of a solution, the offered workaround seems far from optimal from a security point-of-view.

    I'm starting to eye the competition, where for a lower price, I get to choose up to 10 devices. With companies that have scored higher on recent tests. What a shame. Come on F-Secure, what have you got to say for yourselves?

  • danielneuman
    danielneuman Posts: 1 Observer


    Hi, I tried to downgrade the number of licenses according to your instructions. However it went straight to payment without an option to change the number of licenses.

    Did something change in the process perhaps?

    I called support and my specific issue should get resolved soon.

    But some better info might be needed for others who have this problem too.

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