Latest Beta home programs


I will appreciate being sent a link(s) to the latest executables, as I trashed my unit and need to install either Safe or Total.


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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user. I also tried to reply on your another topic ( ), but after a try to correct one of URLs - my reply is 'quarantined' perhaps.

    Since this topic with a bit another wording, I will suggest something too:

    and need to install either Safe or Total.

    There is:

    Downloads option for each solution.

    F-Secure SAFE or F-Secure TOTAL requires an account ("My F-Secure") and a corresponding subscription (or trial days). If you already have one (registered account), then you need to log in and download the installer for the supported platform there. If not - maybe it is possible to register an account and at first it will act as a trial subscription. You can to purchase then (or not).

    There is also F-Secure Internet Security solution, which is distributed via executable. You need to be with 'licence-key' or trial-licence key to activate installation.

    Alternatively, you can to contact official F-Secure Support Channels (for example, web-chat) and to request latest executables:

    Latest Beta home programs

    Perhaps, should be visible at beta-portal ( The most current is "fs protection" (F-Secure SAFE beta; but with the inclusion of "fs id guardian" on current day). You have to be registered there and with active subscription to use its portal ("My FS Protection") and to install solution.


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    Superb response both in terms of speed and depth. I will proceed and get the installer.

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    Hi @Ukko,

    Sorry about that, your reply has now been released.