Trashed unit. I lost all data and need to reinstall the latest Total beta


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    I am only an F-Secure user. Sorry for my reply and for my English.

    Trashed unit. I lost all data and need to reinstall the latest Total beta

    I am not quite sure that there is a beta program for "F-Secure Total" (package of "SAFE/FREEDOME/PasswordManager" solutions). However, all available (or publicly available) Home beta programs must be visible on the beta portal ( When you registered there and approved (usually, takes some days/weeks and during some holidays - a bit more maybe) - you can take part in one or another program.

    In general, the most current one is "fs protection" (F-Secure SAFE beta; but with the inclusion of "fs id guardian" on current day). So, you could login into beta-portal (just for sure, that your account/subscription is active), to use "My FS Protection" portal (potentially the portal URL should be: and then to install solution back (with removing 'unused' device from the list on portal).

    If your experience is about F-Secure Total. Then, there is "My F-Secure" portal ( So, to reinstall F-Secure Total - need to log in to My F-Secure portal (Downloads description page:

    It is possible to find installation guides (for example, there: or there: )

    In addition, If you are somewhat enrolled in F-Secure TOTAL beta - it might be worth contacting the official support. -

    Also, I am not sure what can be suggested to restore your data (I mean - perhaps, it depends on the 'way' of trashed unit. And availability of backups).