How to delete all quarantined apps

How i can delete all quarantined applications i have?


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    It depends on many additional factors.

    If your experience is about F-Secure software, then it is good to know which solution is being used.

    For example, if it is F-Secure SAFE, then it is good to know what is your platform / OS.

    If it is about Windows, then it is good to know about meanings of "delete all quarantined applications". Did you mean to delete/remove/clean it from Quarantine completely (in additional to already quarantined state from system)? Or something else like deleting items that are constantly being quarantined?

    In any case, common words can be in the following form:

    Latest F-Secure SAFE for Windows (17.9, released November 2020 ) with an ability to use next functionality: "The App and file control dialog allows you to select multiple items and perform operations on them."

    So, need to open F-Secure SAFE main screen (F-Secure tray-picture logo click, or desktop logo doubleclick). Switch screen to "Tools" tab. Choose "App and file control". There should be visible list of quarantined items. You could select them by holding "Shift" (on keyboard) or "Ctrl" as with normal file system routine AND click needed items. Then to choose "Remove/delete" button.

    The alternative way is to use F-Secure Uninstallation Tool. It is possible to download from there: Support tools | F-Secure ( (UNINSTALLATION TOOL FOR WINDOWS)

    To run it and to choose "Choose what to delete" - where to choose "Files in Quarantine".

    But, actually, good if you will back with more information about your certain setting / background of the ask.


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    Yeah, that's what I thought, too. Thanks for answering!

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