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Hello everybody

I use F Secure with my mac book pro.

Since last apple upgrade version, i have a problem with my F-Secure Safe. Indeed, F-Secure ask me to authorize the new extension but I do not find this extension in my mac book.

Have you got the same problem ? What did you do to solve this ?

Many thanks



  • ArthurValArthurVal Posts: 34 F-Secure Employee
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    Hello, @Mat7401

    Could you please share which macOS version you are using? You can see the macOS version if you click on the Apple logo on top left and select "About This Mac" (for example, it says "10.15.7" for me).

    And also which SAFE version you are using at the moment? You can see the SAFE version if you click on SAFE icon in the menubar (for example, it says "17.9 (35210)" for me). Thanks.

    Best regards, Arthur

    SAFE Mac R&D Team

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