Banking Protection Will Not End After Banking Site Logoff 2

I see the the thread on Banking Protection Will Not End After Banking Site Logoff

is closed. Is that normal behaviour or still an issue?

I have Tp 17,9 beta 5 and this happens very often when I amd leaving

Just now I closed that without having logged in and banking protections is still on.

Currently there is a fly out at the top where I can end banking protection without having restart the browser.

I am using Firefox 81.0 portable. I wonder if that is fully supported.

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  • LucaseuropaLucaseuropa Posts: 265 Moderator

    Hello @martink , can you reproduce the described issue using another browser?

    You might also want to reinstall the F-Secure Browsing Protection Extension and try again.

    For Mozilla Firefox:

    1. Launch F-Secure program
    2. Click Settings
    3. Select Browser Extensions
    4. Click Reinstall extensions

  • martinkmartink Posts: 396 Adventurer

    Thank you for your responses.

    I do not have Reinstall Extensions in Settings of TP 17.9 beta 5 just Install Firefox extension.

    As I am using portable Firefox and have not had regular Firefox installed the Firefox extension does not install.

    Just wondering again why does it say "Install Firefox extension" while there are other browsers which have the F-S extension.

    I normally sign out from banking sites and online shops before closing the tab. However, with Nordea Banking protection stays on every now and then.

    So that is going to stay like that.

  • martinkmartink Posts: 396 Adventurer

    Well that was not the end of it.

    Come 17.9 beta 6 and the pop up informing that Banking protection is active does not close any more when entering Nordea. I stays open and stayed open when I closed the Nordea site. Luckily there is the hide button.

  • CaleCale Posts: 114 F-Secure Product Manager


    The pop up will not show itself anymore after you have started a banking session the 3rd time.


  • martinkmartink Posts: 396 Adventurer

    Thank you for your response.

    The behaviour seems to be not regular with the portable browser, but I can live with it without problems.

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