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I have a two feature requests:

1) Add a support for multiple domains for single credentials (such as and both uses the same credentials)

2) Add a support for subdomains ( must be distinguished from Now browser addon suggest both of those when logging in to one (even if I have included the subdomain part in the saved web address).

I'm satisfied with the product, but those two missing features annoys me a lot many times in a day.

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    Any comments from F-Secure?

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    Six months and no answers? Hello folks on F-Secure!?

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    Oh, maybe its just me. I didn't mention the product the feature request was for: F-Secure ID PROTECTION.

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    I don't think anyone from F-Secure reads these forums

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    Sorry for my opinion. And I am also only F-Secure user.

    I don't think anyone from F-Secure reads these forums

    In fact, they do it. This includes not only the stuff in charge of the Community, but also Support people, F-Secure developers, and employees around it. So, different Teams (different solutions) can be present on community pages.

    But it must be borne in mind that perhaps for the majority this is not included in direct responsibility (and they must do and solve directly designated tasks during the day). In addition, their statement will more often be an "own" opinion, and accordingly it is not always possible to speak for sure if decision is not ready yet.

    Perhaps, response about this feature request (or another) in a vein like "good, we will think about it" can be suitable, but I think it will anyway produce further ask after six months.

    If there is something important - good to reach their official Support channels (home solutions: phone or web-chat on current day).

    This board of Community maybe with a bit another intention.

    Six months and no answers? Hello folks on F-Secure!?

    There is a bit outdated description for this board:

    but in some ways it can reflect the current design, intention.

    Quote from:

    The community team will be monitoring the board on a daily basis and our F-Secure Product Managers will come in on a monthly basis to update statuses of the ideas and post their comments.

    As of today, there are no feature requests statuses. But even when they were, the status did not change so often.

    Instead, it could be perceived and interpreted as follows. There is a feature request. Other users vote for it. The more votes, the more opportunities it will be considered with a higher priority. For example, every time they agree or approve the addition or improvement of a particular functionality, Team looks at user requests, analyzes it and tries to implement something, if appropriate. In addition, feature requests may simply be reviewed from time to time and internally discussed accordingly.

    Surely, they have backlogs and ideas to implement.

    Good, maybe good to keep up request and vote it by other users. Thus, perhaps it will be more visible to developers and its importance (if not yet).

    What about current request and my own understanding/feeling. For example, the first point is nice - but maybe it is also not a big trouble to use "two" entries. One for first domain, second for second domain. Even if all content inside will be the same (password analysis maybe will inform about duplicate password, though. If this point is a reason for request- maybe another way to request around is to have possibility ignore/dismiss information about certain duplicates).

    The second request is more good in terms of sense. Just interesting since of current trouble around protocol in URL. Was it with added addresses like "full" (with protocol) or just as with your example. Maybe with protocol - it can be with difference? If not - perhaps, indeed quite good if subdomain added in entry - then subdomain opened - entry is suggested.