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Dear All,
We are launching a new Idea Exchange Board to let you all share and exchange your ideas on how to improve and develop our solutions.
The community team will be monitoring the board on a daily basis and our F-Secure Product Managers will come in on a monthly basis to update statuses of the ideas and post their comments.

You can vote (give Kudos) and comment on the ideas in the F-Secure Community - we're going to take the top kudos and most discussed ones into consideration when developing our products.

You may want to refer to Community Terms as well before posting.

Submission Guidelines

1. Tell us why you need a new feature. That will not only help us to understand what you want, but we may be able to solve your problem more quickly another way.

2. Some ideas are easier to implement than others. Don't be discouraged if your new idea is not picked up immediately. All ideas are reviewed for members' interest, complexity, alignment with our solutions vision and prioritization against other projects. Some ideas take longer than others, and some ideas will not be possible within the scope of what we want to accomplish in the next year or so.

3. Check to see if your idea is similar to another's before posting. This can help you two ways: if the idea already exists, you should join your feedback to the current idea. If your idea is similar to another but substantively different you should reference the previous idea and point out the differences to avoid confusion.

4. Review the ideas of others. Look at other ideas periodically to see what your fellow members are requesting and comment on them! While we take into account the numbers of kudos an idea receives, we also consider the amount and quality of member feedback when making our decisions.

Idea Review and Statuses

We strive to review submitted ideas on a monthly cycle.  Submission statuses that we use are:

New Idea: Status for all newly submitted ideas. Members are asked to comment on and clarify the idea to help determine community interest in this area.

Comments Requested: More information is needed before our solution management team can take this under consideration for possible inclusion into our solutions. Please comment further or vote for them so we can further evaluate the priority and feasibility of these ideas.

Under Consideration: After gaining valuable member input the solution management team is evaluating the idea to see where it fits in the product road map.

Accepted: The idea has been accepted as part of the product road map, and will be incorporated into one of the upcoming solution releases.

Implemented: The idea has been developed and added to the product.

Future Consideration: The idea is not being considered at this time, but will be reviewed for future inclusion into our solution road map at a later date.

Duplicate: Another similar idea has already been posted.


Discarded: This idea can’t be implemented to the product or your post can’t be considered as a new idea.

Please note that we will not be able to provide dates for the implementation of any Accepted ideas within the community due to the number of factors involved, not least of which is our need to maintain flexibility in the priority schedule to accommodate urgent projects and other necessary changes. If an idea you like has been accepted, that's a good thing! It means it is something we are excited about providing to our customers, and it will make it into our solutions. Please be patient and let us make sure it is completely ready before we make it available.

Also, just because an idea has been Implemented does not necessarily mean you will have immediate access to it. It may take additional time to deploy the updated version containing the idea to our solutions.


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    It is more like a discussion board. Thanks for sharing the T&C.

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    well this is realy nice idea to have that 

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    karin123321 english?
  • happyuser

    I want to scan my computer daily. But the scanning takes too long time and a background-scan makes the machine too slow. So I would like to have following feature: every time, when I turn off my computer, a window should occur: "would You like to scan Your comuter now? After finishing the scan, the computer automaticly will be turned off. After turning on the computer again, a window opens automaticliy, showing Your scanning report."


    If there are some automatic updates, f-secure should allow updating at first and than scan the computer.


    With this feature I would have an optimum safetey feeling!!!


    If there is already the feature available at f-secure now, I would be hapy to get some information about.


    sincerly happyuser

  • Janiashvili
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  • rockfinder

    Dear F-secure


    May I suggest (imho) that the best way to improve your service(s) would be to employ people who know what they are doing or at least listen to the input from customers. I have had reason to ask for help from f-secure at least four times in the last few days. After each contact I was imformed that my system was now ok. Well obviously because I had to access their services again my system was NOT ok. To be fair the first technician (and possibly the second) there was maleware on my computer causing all sorts of chaos. This maleware was removed (thankfully) but this did not resolve the problem. I found that when I installed F-secure onto my desktop the system didn't like it. I was confronted with a "bluescreen" with a load of text on it, which dissappeared before I could read it. Windows rebooted itself with the wonderful announcement that Windows had recovered from an unexpected event. Windows was good enough to provide a diagnostic report stating that the problem name was Bluescreen and provided various references concerning the problem. I attempted to re-contact f-secure to explain that the system was still not right, however I could not go on line because the system crashed again with a repeat of the carry on above. To contact f-secure I had to remove the f-secure software and contact them on line without any virus etc protection (could not go on-line in safe mode). I could not contact f-secure by telephone because they wouldn't answer the phone and I was kept holding on. When I did eventually make contact via instant messenger or whatever its called I was assured by the "new" technician that they could solve my computer probems. I informed him? of the error messages I had received I even quoted the problem diagnostics report in full. Nievely I thought this might help. Wrong !!! The technician apparently wasn't listening infact because of the lengthy silences on-line it was obvious he? was dealing with other clients at same time. While I appreciate everybody wants to be seen to immediately, I was totally unimpressed because this was the third time of asking and really getting nowhere. He? did what he? assumed to be the remedial action, he even asked me what virus protection I would like if f-secure didn't work. Now I find this incredible. I'm paying for a product that they are championing and suggest I use some other software !!!!!!!!!!!!

    Eventually I gave in and decided to do a complete re-install of Windows (vista) I asked for help again from a fourth technician. He? stated "we can help you there sir!" Guess what ?


    What a waste of time. I had spent at least two days (no exageration) contacting f-secure and allowing them hours to clean out and restore my computer (to be fair some of it was necessary to clear the maleware). I know it was not their fault that my system was infected and continually crashing, but they are supposedly the experts and promised (in exchange for money so that I could prevail upon their expertise and skill) to restore my system to a suitable configuration to allow me to use my machine (is that asking too much ?)

    In the end I had to go on-line to see if others had had a similar problem. As it happens there is a wealth of info out there regarding a certain error called "BLUESCREEN". While I appreciate there are several versions of this error I would have thought that the f-secure techies would have come across it. I might have just been unlucky and only had techies who did not know about it, but I doutb it.


    Anyway to cut a very long story short and to stop you falling asleep (if you haven't already) it appears the crash(es) were caused by the deletion or corruption of some microsoft (need I say more ?) software pertaining to Service Pack 1. Once this was installed (plus SP2) on my newly cleaned and re-installed OS I found that f-secure will install without buggering up the system. I am now happy that the problem appears to be solved (at last). I'm just sorry I had to lose so much data and photo files to get my system up and running smoothly.


    I understand the vagaries of software and the nastiness of viruses etc are a learning curve for everybody including f-secure techies, but I'm seriously unchuffed with my experiences, particularly considering the problem was a known problem of long standing and that I told them on at least TWO occasions where the problem seemed to be.


    On the credit side everybody was polite !!!!


    I also suppose it's my fault because I'm using OLD windows software. Oh bugger.


    thanks for reading this, maybe it'll do some good.


    regards rockfinder


  • Simon
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    Sorry to hear of your experience, and it's unfortunate that you've lost photos, and other data, but this shows the importance of backing up.  Even if you'd never had any malware, and your computer was running perfectly, there's no guarantee that a drive won't suddenly fail, so it's imperative to backup essential files and data of personal value, such as photos, on a separate drive.


    I hope that, now you have F-Secure installed, your computer will run without future problems.  Make sure, however, that you keep Windows updated (via Windows Updates), and if it's possible, consider upgrading to at least Windows 7, which is a significant improvement on Vista.  :)



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