Serious Problem: Which Web Browser To Use With FreedomE?


Sorry to be making a thread about this, but I searched these forums and the Internet and I couldn't find an answer.

This is my BIG worry:

That I have the FreedomE App running on my Windows 10 PC and I open my web browser and the websites/communities I'm logged into in my web browser like an Internet forum I'm a member of that's for only people in my country see that I'm logged in with a foreign/strange IP address and they ban me as they believe I'm sharing accounts OR breaking a rule OR trying to do something malicious when I'm not doing anything wrong at all.

How can I prevent this from happening?

Please let me know if I'm not being clear with my question!

Thank you for any advice!


  • The only idea I could come up with was this:

    That I only use the FreedomE App on a separate Windows 10 PC and not on my main Windows 10 PC that I use to access the Internet forum that's only for people in my country.

    It's an extreme idea but I can't think of anything else?

  • DawidFSDawidFS Posts: 46

    Dear @Hopeful_Future ,

    Contacting administrator of the forum would be a good idea, but if the usage of VPN is prohibited in terms and conditions of the forum you probably won't be able to do anything.



  • Hopeful_FutureHopeful_Future Posts: 49
    edited July 1

    Hi DawidFS,

    I appreciate your reply!

    But I don't think I can get in contact with the sites administrators and there are multiple sites... 😪

    The best idea I can think of is to ONLY use the FreedomE VPN App on a separate PC that doesn't have these Internet forums saved in the web browser?

    Any other ideas would be much appreciated!


    So it's clear, when I open my web browser the websites already have me automatically logged in so if I turn on the FreedomE VPN App and then open the web browser I'll have a different IP address to the websites.

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