Problem with SONOS with "Web Traffic Scanning" ON

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Does anyone else have an issue with SONOS, or know how to resolve it, when the "Web Traffic Scanning" option in the "Viruses and Threats" section is ON?

When it is OFF, all of SONOS works fine and I can see all services, all speakers and access mt music library, When the option is ON, the SONOS app suddenly loses sight of half the speakers, all the music services added, and my music library.

What does this setting actually do, and where do I add exceptions? And does anyone have the same issue and now what exceptions I need to add for SONOS to work when this setting is ON?



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    Yes - I've seen the same issue. A temporary workaround is to exclude C:\Program Files (x86)\SonosV2\sonos.exe. However, this needs to be fixed.

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    You just exclude it from f-secure scanning generally as you would for virus scanning or deep protect. Go to Settings / View quarrantine / Excluded

    Just add the file to the list under the Excluded tab.

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    Hi @xnl & @SaitoBenkei

    This issue related to our new Web Traffic Scanner technology which was introduced to improved detection and network protection technology on SAFE 17.8 and our corporate products. The new NIF is architecturally different from the old one and in our tests, it works similarly, but there are some differences that can be visible only on specific environments.  

    Our developers are aware of these problems and they identified the root cause to be that some web applications or server programs (Like Sonos in your case, which acts as a server in your local network) implement HTTP protocol significantly different from the standard and have some incompatibilities with our new technology (NIF).

    For now we have only seen this problem with local servers. This is why the exclusion is considered a good solution and is the only way around it at this moment. These blocks are not a false positive detection, there is nothing being detected or blocked by NIF. Our understanding based on the tests done and logs reviewed is that the problem seems to be some delays or differences in the flow, and that the affected programs are not ready to handle.

    Be confident the exclusion solution is safe and poses no threat at all. Kindly click here for steps on how to exclude a file from scanning.


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    Thanks jkv, but where do I enter that exclusion for the "Web Traffic Scanning" setting to ignore it?

  • xnlxnl Posts: 4

    Thanks, all back working again for now!

  • SaitoBenkeiSaitoBenkei Posts: 1

    Hi all

    Same issue here:

    • F-Secure Safe 17.8
    • Windows 10 2004 64bit
    • Sonos v S2 - 12.0.1

    the symptoms are the same as described by OP.

    The solution described by "jkv" also works for me.

  • JaimsJaims Posts: 353

    Hello @xnl

    Thank you for bringing this to our knowledge.

    Our support team is currently liaising with our research team to find a fix for this. In the interim, the only workaround is what has already been suggested.

    We will revert once there is a fix. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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    Thank you

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