F-Secure 17.8-bank usage protection




bank usage protection why active?

the site cannot be enabled!


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    Dear @TIBCSI66,

    This error might be caused by latest Windows update, please use instruction below for re-installation of F-secure Safe.



  • TIBCSI6675
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    Dear Dawid,

    I updated the operating system first

    Then I installed the anti-virus software

    This is how the error occurred


  • Candi1
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    A similar thing is happening to me. I am on a desktop computer with Window's 10, using Edge browser &/or Firefox browser, both with latest updates. I am using FS Protection for Windows 10, desktop computers.

    Several days ago I paid a bill using Edge browser. The Banking Protection didn't activate as it usually does for this site(or I thought it didn't) because the box at the top(for the banking protection) didn't appear as it usually does. When I closed out the tab & went to go into another tab(& another site) I got a box(similar to the 1st post here but in english) saying banking protection active & I couldn't enter the site. Since there wasn't the usual box at the top there was no way for me to disable the banking protection. Until I closed the Edge browser out & cleared my cache. & then reopened the browser.

    Today the same thing happened but on Firefox browser. I went to pay a bill on a site that the banking protection usually activates for. Again, no box for the FS Banking Protection at the top of the screen. So I thought it wasn't activating again. After paying my bill I closed the tab out & went to go into my email in another tab(again using Firefox with latest updates). Again I got the box saying the Banking Protection was active & that I couldn't enter the site with it active. Since there isn't a box at the top or anything alerting me that the banking protection is active, there is no way to stop or close it. I checked in the app to make sure FS Protection/Banking protection was turned on & it was/is. So again I had to clear my cache & close down the browser to stop the Banking Protection. & then open it up & reload my tabs/sites again. What a pain!!!

    Does anyone know if this is a Window's update issue that's causing this? Or is this something with FS Protection? I'm not sure what to do. Or if there is any way to fix this. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much!!!

  • nanonyme
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    Out of curiosity, which bank was it where banking protection was not showing banner? Does https://banking.fstestdomain.com give you banking banner?

  • Candi1
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    Any bank or some bill payment sites too. It isn't activating(or showing the bar at the top of the screen) for any of the banks or bill payment sites. Then when I close the banking or bill payment site out & try to go into another tab/site, I get the error page that says the Banking Protection is active & won't allow other sites.

  • Candi1
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    Thank you very much!!!

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