Why F-Secure safe has blocked certain known/trusted applications? How can I fix this?

Ainda Posts: 2 New Member

Hello, I've used this product for 2 years to be exact. I've come to these typical problems when I switch between my old pc or resetting my pc.

Sometimes when I have to download drivers from certain applications such as from Nvidia Experience I usually run into a problem and it won't let me download drivers there, same with the log in page. I had to turn off the Anti virus in order to login and download the new drivers.

This also happened while I was downloading games. As an example I downloaded GTA V and Roblox but they won't launch because of a certain error. I always had to turn my anti virus off in order to play the game but I don't also want to lose the security.

Is there like a setting to turn off the thing, so i could login/ or download stuff without turning my anti virus off? Since I don't want to lose protection

thank you


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