Freedome and some issues with propably network firewall settings

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First of all I know my problem is not caused by freedome, but because it is related to it I ask for your assisstance.

I recently upgraded my home networking equipment and ever since have had some issues with getting my Internet connection working when freedome is enabled. I am pretty sure the problem lies somewhere in my routers settings and something is not getting through but how should I fix them? What are the requirements for freedome to work in general? Do I have to configure some "pass this stuff through" -settings to my router to get things working? I know it's a bit router specific question but in general sense does some specific ports etc. have to get through and in what direction to get the VPN to work?

What happens is that when I start my Windows 10 laptop it gets it's IP-address through wifi and the Internet connection is working normally. As soon as I enable freedome the Internet connection stops working. Just to mention, I have enabled trusted network from the freedome settings and it doesn't solve my issue. Enabling the Freedome changes my network adapters dns-address to but I have understood that this is how freedome is supposed to work.

My network is setup as below:

Laptop --> Wifi access point --> manageable switch --> router --> DSL-modem --> The Internet

The router (Ubiquiti EdgeRouter X) deals the IP-addresses to my local network with DHCP and defines the default route and DNS-server to be the routers own IP-address. The routers firewall rules related to "home VLAN-interface" is configured to accept all related and established traffic and accept all traffic from my internal management VLAN.


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    Hi @NoUseForAName

    Enabling the Killswitch option on the F-Secure Freedome VPN settings ought to allow the internet connection once Freedome is turned On but if you have done that and the issue persists, you could also try to reinstall F-Secure Freedome just to be sure you have the latest version running.

    Also ensure there is no other VPN program running just like this post here.

    Is this the only affected device?

    Please have a look at this KB article here and see if the steps help too.

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