Freedome and Garmin Connect (IOS)

I use Garmin Connect (iPhone) to upload activities from my sportswatch (Fenix 5) to the main Garmin server.

The process first needs Bluetooth, to upload the activity from my watch to the app. It then uses WiFi to upload the activity from the app to the main Garmin server.

If I have Freedome protection ON, I can't make a Bluetooth connection between Garmin Connect (my phone) and my sportswatch - they just don't appear to pair (doesn't appear to be paired in iPhones settings either). If I turn Freedome protection OFF, everything works normally.

Can anyone suggest a workaround?

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  • bryan441bryan441 Posts: 38
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    Please check this post and do the same as it asked for.

    Or you may contact with Support Team via Chat or Phone here so this issue can be observed further.

    Bryan Anderson

  • PeterJCPeterJC Posts: 2
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    Hi Bryan.

    Many thanks for your support.

    I checked the post you suggested and there are some similarities to my problem (depending what "activity not displayed" actually means). Similar to those cases, I am using ad-blockers (several IOS ones in my case - AdGuard, Firefox Focus and Malwarebytes) but turning them all off didn't help. These IOS blockers should only affect Safari anyway - unlike the NoScript reference in the other post, which, I think, refers to a desktop browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox.

    However, and bizarrely - my IOS devices both had a major OS update after I logged this forum message. Following the IOS update, and together with a Garmin Connect update, the problem seems to have resolved itself. I don't think Freedome got an update as well.

    So, I'm still none the wiser about what the problem was - but happy it's gone away.

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