iOS App does not allow subscription management

I have just paid for a 3 device subscription rather than the iOS-only version available through the App Store, as I have both iOS and Windows devices. However, the ‘Manage Subscription’ link in the iOS app takes me to a broken link and I cannot input my new code.

Please explain how I upgrade my iOS device to the new subscription.

The error that appears in Safari is:

ings metrics dialogIdMZFinance.ManageSubscriptionsLoginRequired messageSign in to manage subscri messageCode5074 options Manage Subscriptions failureType5074 customerMessageSign in to manage subscriptions. m-allowed dialog kindauthorization m-allowed messageSign in to manage subscriptions.explanationEnter your Apple ID and password and click Manage Subscriptions.defaultButtonok okButtonStringManage Subscriptions okButtonActionkindGotourl initialCheckboxValue cancel-purchase-batch


  • JaimsJaims Posts: 326

    Hi @AdamR

    I can see your order for F-Secure Freedome VPN.

    When you have installed F-Secure FREEDOME on your iOS device, you can activate the code as follows:

    1. Open F-Secure FREEDOME on your device
    2. Tap the menu on the top left corner
    3. Tap Subscription
    4. Tap Log in under MULTI-PLATFORM:
    5. Tap Enter Account ID under Have an anonymous Account ID?
    6. Enter your code
    7. Tap Activate
  • AdamRAdamR Posts: 2

    After all the discussions held regarding the management of my Freedome subscription, the advice has not worked. Annoyingly you also closed the case before the recommended action could be carried out.

    I waited until the Freeedome subscription expired as recommended, then attempted to input the subscription code. Nothing works. I have tried deleting and reinstalling the app, to no avail. It is, unsurprisingly, the same error; the iOS app, once used with a bespoke iOS subscription, cannot subsequently be upgraded.

    Screenshots attached which confirm all the problems I am having. Suffice it to say, your app has a bug that prevents me from renewing the subscription. This is frustrating - having paid to secure my device (something I am actually required to do by the terms of my job) I am unable to do so without paying extra.

    Since I have paid for a service, I would be grateful for a technical resolution; alternatively, I would accept a refund of the annual iOS app costs (£22.99) as it would appear I can only renew the subscription on this device through iTunes.

    I would be grateful for a speedy resolution.

    Screenshot 1 - confirmation in the app that the subscription has expired.

    Screenshot 2 - the results of clicking the ‘Manage Subscription’ button.

    Screenshot 3 - confirmation in the App Store that the subscription has expired, and the option to renew through iTunes.

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