Policy Manager: Get Quarantine files remotely


I have a feature request that would make it a lot easier when using F-Secure Policy Manager in large environments.

I am responsible for a large environment across several countries and I often need to get quarantined files to analyse them if they are a false positive or which impact a possible virus has.

The only official way to get the quarantined files I know of is the Quarantine Dumper tool, which need to be run on the local client to dump the files. To do this on a global scale I need local support across timezones, which require a lot of additional work and takes a lot of time.

A new command could be introduced in the Operations Tab of F-Secure Policy Manager that works like the F-Secure Support Tool function, which is already executing a command on the local PC and uploading files to the Policy Manager. In this case it executes the Quarantine Dumper and uploades the files to Policy Manager.

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