hello, every one i have recently purchased F-secure safe, please may i ask a question sorry if it has been asked before, i thought F-secure safe had a plugin to scan your email box? but it doesn't seem to have one ? are emails still checked by F-secure to make sure they are safe? thank you.😀

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    Sorry for my reply. I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    Current F-Secure SAFE solution is not about any plugin or so to provide spam (or so) protection. But there are still some layers to provide protection against potential threats.

    Actually, there indeed were some discussions at the time when this functionality is dropped for Windows solution. And some platforms (iOS/Android) always was not about it. Some examples are:

    Some reasons to drop this functionality were explained there:

    Edited quote from one of replies is next:

    The email scanning and spam filtering had a too limited scope. It supports only non-encrypted POP3 emails.

    There is less and less usage of non-encrypted POP3 emails, as many are using encryption to protect the connection to the email server. In addition, there is a rapid growth of cloud based email solution. It is not really possible to analyze encrypted emails from a client.  F-Secure protection has multiple layers of security to prevent a malware from executing and propagating after it is received, whether it is received from an email or any other channels.

    So, on current day - there are no changes and 'email scanning and spam filtering" is not reimplemented with suitable design. Some of my own unofficial thoughts about subject are available there (as one more fresh topic about this subject maybe):

    In general, situation is next: emails are not scanning on-the-fly at receiving. So incomings emails can be checked/filtered by Service provider (mail service) or by Mail client software.

    Then, it is not recommended to open suspicious emails or run attachments from strange letters - but if it is happened - F-Secure with real-time scanning and advanced modules like F-Secure DeepGuard. So, these layers should to protect against known threats or likely malicious items after analyzing attempt to launch or open attachments or any other tries to trick user via email.

    However, emails threats can be tricky to be detected. Need to be careful.

    In addition, if you run Full Scan by F-Secure - then harmful 'static' (under filesystem) attachment can be detected. It can be placed under container with emails database of mail client.

    Sorry for my not really useful reply and for quite long size of it.




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