E-mail spam gone?

In F-Secure Safe I use to be able to filter spam e-mail messages in Outlook but now, for months actually, I can't find this feature in my F-Secure Safe version. Has this feature been removed from F-Secure Safe?


Details of my version are the following:
Antivirus program 17.193 build 128
Online security 2.193 build 6267
Ultralight 2.1 build 455
User Interface 20.00 build 332

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    Not an official point, of course, but it was with F-Secure SAFE technology preview/beta (FS Protection) listed under release-notes:


    Scanning of POP3 e-mail traffic (both malware and spam scanning). Thus, "Spam filtering" settings page has been removed and the "Remove harmful e-mail attachments" setting has been removed from Virus protection settings.

    Not sure about abilities to get release-notes for stable solution (except that it released from beta-releases), but with my own experience during Upgrade from previous stable build to current:


    maybe it was listed under "what's new"-page (or not?!). So, anyway good to get official words.


    I decided to create this reply just as temporary information!





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    Sorry for my reply. I'm only F-Secure user (their home solutions).


    This feature indeed removed with latest (currently) available stable F-Secure SAFE builds.

    Partly possible to read explanation (or reasons) with next reply:



    Where discussed business-solution... but I able to think that official statement can be valid for home solutions too (with some differences).



  • Hi and thanks for you reply.

    This is an explanation indeed! It would be nice if someone from F-Secure officially acknowledged that this feature is also removed from F-Secure Safe as well.



  • @georgek

    I'm only user of F-S apps.
    I read this case and I began to think, that in gmail (Google) is spam working.
    But the protocol is not POP3.
    Perhaps this spam filtering is a feature of gmail?
    For your information, if you are able to use gmail.

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