Roblox stops working since a few days



Since a few days our daugther cannot play Roblox Windows APP anymore.

It stops after starting up. When I disable all in F-Secure Roblox is running fine.


I've got a Windows 10 machine and F-Secure Version 17.7


I've added the Roblox folder to the exclutions but no luck. Smiley Sad


Any thoughts?


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    I am only an F-Secure user.


    The most useful step is to contact their direct Support channels (for example, chat):

    then, Support Agents should to troubleshoot further or to suggest actual workaround / solution.


    Based on some of previous situations with Roblox (or around):

    to contact Support may be necessary.

    Since you did not provide information about how looks "stops after starting up" (silence or with prompt / pop up about something).

    So, as your own tries to troubleshoot or to find a workaround:

    - could you try to disable only "Browsing Protection" module (blocking "harmful/suspicious" rated pages); Or if your experience is about Family Rules / Parental Control with content blocker (categories) - then to allow temporarily all of them.

    Maybe certain 'critical' URL for Roblox is blocked at background.


    - if trouble is still there, then to disable Real-time scanning or DeepGuard module.

    If situation is fixed - then need to find proper folders / executable to exclude.

    Maybe it is internal protection (against cheating) by Roblox application. F-Secure real-time analysis can be treated as intrusion. If so, maybe even with 'any' exclusion - trouble still be there. And only solution is to contact F-Secure Support (actually, it is the only solution; all other things are workaround).


    Sorry for my English!



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    How is the Roblox player acting at the moment? Do you still have an issue with it?


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