To many licenses in the same computer

I have used your instructions to uninstall and download F-secuer Internet Security. In order to reistall the correct, ongoing license in a second computer. 

But – one problem remains:
I have two computers. They are syncronised with eachother.
When I install F-secure Internet Security on one, the other computer is not protected. If I switch and install on the other computer, the first is not protected.
I have done the procedure several times and the result is the same every time.


The problem is that, when I hav tried to use my license in more than one unit, the licens have dubbled and trippled in the SAME computer!

That means that I hav used my three possibilities to use my license in the same computer…

Now, I cannot find the way to remove one or two licensen from one – to use in the other.


How do I take away the unnessesary licenses?

And, do I have to call the second license by another name? For example – if one licens is attached to my wifes name?

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