To many licenses in the same computer

I have used your instructions to uninstall and download F-secuer Internet Security. In order to reistall the correct, ongoing license in a second computer. 

But – one problem remains:
I have two computers. They are syncronised with eachother.
When I install F-secure Internet Security on one, the other computer is not protected. If I switch and install on the other computer, the first is not protected.
I have done the procedure several times and the result is the same every time.


The problem is that, when I hav tried to use my license in more than one unit, the licens have dubbled and trippled in the SAME computer!

That means that I hav used my three possibilities to use my license in the same computer…

Now, I cannot find the way to remove one or two licensen from one – to use in the other.


How do I take away the unnessesary licenses?

And, do I have to call the second license by another name? For example – if one licens is attached to my wifes name?

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    Hi @berndt 


    In addition to @Simon and @Ukko 's valuable contributions, yes SAFE allows you to manually manage your license on the portal but Internet Security does not provide this option although idle license(s) will be automatically released once the protection has been uninstalled.


    However, you have clearly mentioned that you are subscribed to Internet Security and from our system, you have truly purchased F-Secure Internet Security for 1 device only. For this reason, you will need to buy more licenses to protect your second computer. 


    Hope this clarifies it? 



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