Re-installing F-Secure after Re-installation of Windows 7 and cancellation of a device?


I plan on getting a new hard drive, the re-installing Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit on the new hard drive in my desktop computer. Just want to know how I re-install F-Secure without it affecting anything or how many devices I can still use? Also want to know if F-Secure will work, if maybe.. I install Ubuntu, which would be a dual boot-up, with Ubuntu as probably main default operating system. F-Secure work in it? 

Also, want to know how to cancel a device, as my laptop battery died, too expensive to replace that. Plan on getting another laptop sometime, so want to know how I can simply transfer to any new one, as I'll likely have Windows 7 on it? Best regards...


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    Hello @nottingtohide 


    May I know where did you purchase the F-Secure product?  and could you please confirm us the name of F-Secure Security program? i.e F-Secure Safe or Freedome


    Dual booting Ubuntu and Windows is not an issue. Since you are going to install the F-Secure product only on Windows. Because F-Secure consumer product doesn't support linux operating system.

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    Hi, I purchased it online, after seeing it promoted by Virginmedia, who is my service provider. 

    It says it's the SAFE version on the top left when I sign into F-Secure. It's just the one for home domestic use.  Is that enough information to answere the re-installation question? 

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