Price of Freedome app from Google Play store?

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I am trying to decide between buying the "multi-platform" variant of  "Freedome VPN" or the Android-only app variant (from the Google Play store ).


The price for the former is on the F-Secure website, but I seem to be unable to determine how much the app will cost. As far as I can see, the Google shop lists it like a free app (which is correct, but only for the trial) and otherwise mentions "in-app purchases" only, without telling how much the subscription will then actually cost.


How can I find out the price(s)  for the app in advance, i.e. without having to install the trial and then actually initiate a purchase?




PS: I am aware this has been asked here before, but the threads I found were over three years old, and things may have changed since then.


  • Jaims
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    HI @hagen37 


    F-Secure Freedome VPN in-app products on Google Play Store is between €0.99 - €29.99 per item and that is subject to monthly or annual plans. 


    Kindly note that purchase made on this platform enables you to use the subscription only on Android devices with the same Google login. Please click here to read more. 

  • hagen37
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    thanks for the reply!

    > between €0.99 - €29.99 per item

    In fact, I had seen those numbers already in the Play store.


    But obviously, a price range from less than 1 € to almost 30 € is not very informative, which is why I asked here.

    I'd still like to know what e.g. an Android-only license for 3 devices with annual payment would cost.


    And I still think this simple information should be more easily available, without having to actually install the app first, and then to embark on an "in-app purchase", only in order to find out a price.

    Or having to register and start forum threads, for that matter... Smiley Wink

    (In fact, would EU consumer protection regulations not actually require such price info to be more readily accessible?)





  • hagen37
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    Hello Jaims,

    thanks for the information, this is what I was looking for. All clear now.


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