Is the Chat with F-Secure Expert working? 2


I am again  wondering

Is the Chat with F-Secure Expert working?

Tired yesterday and today and chat does not go beyond loadingimage.png


Just wanted to ask if the 50 % promo is for new orders only and not for reorders/continuations?


  • Ukko
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    Yes, chat should work!

    I managed to reach them. I do able to recommend with another browser (for example).

    Based on your screenshot - maybe something goes wrong (blocked) and session is not initialized.


    What is promo offer about discount?

    I think, usually, promo offer should be disclaimer about any limitations or conditions.


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  • Jaims
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    Hi @martink 


    In addition to @Ukko 's reply, please note that our live chat is available 24/7 but once the bar turns grey colour, it simply means that all our agents are occupied and will turn blue once there is some available. You may want to clear cache and cookies on that browser or test on another browser. 


    Regarding the 50% Super Sale Promotion on F-Secure TOTAL, please note that it is for new customers and the discounted price is for the first purchase only but the Freedome VPN applies to everyone. 

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