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  • hanswurst
    hanswurst Posts: 57 Observer

    Hello @Jaims,

    I want to let you know that I am about to switch to an other VPN. At the moment I test NordVPN on my three devices.

    One reason to switch is the slow development (and in particular the last update - just a darker GUI), the German gateway and long time exisiting bugs.

    Another reason, or which gives me arguments for not switching back to Freedome, is this article/test:

  • lbauerochse
    lbauerochse Posts: 5 Observer

    FREEDOME is OFF now on all my devices. For months it hasn't worked as it should. No fix in sight.

    What about refunding my subscription???

  • hanswurst
    hanswurst Posts: 57 Observer

    Hello @Jaims ,

    I want to let you know that I switched to another VPN. I uninstalled Freedome on all my devices.

    Main reasons were the very slow development (for months nothing happens), for a long time existing smaller bugs here and there (connection iPhone via cable interrupts the connection). The last update just a darker GUI (!). All together it got too much, I decided to leave Freedome. And in the end also the article (test of Freedome) I mentioned in my former post.

    But I want to thank you for the support and listen to your customers. You had an/two open ears (but probably it was not your cup of tea what happens behind the scenery).



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