Is transfer license in Freedome just once?

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Say you have three devices and you only use one at at time.

You start with device A and insert your code.

Then after a while you start using decive B and insert the code and do license transfer. Fine

The you go back to device A and want to start using it again.

You insert code and get This code is already used on this device.


Is the transfer license just for transfering to devices wher you have not used the code before?

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    Hello @martink 


    Based on your screen shot with first and last digit of your subscription, I can see that you are using an older subscription code to activate the Freedome. I will send you the valid subscription code in private message.



  • SethuSethu Posts: 642 Moderator

    Hello @martink 


    If you have a Freedome Multi-device license, you can re-use/transfer the subscription multiple times on same device or other devices. For instance, if you have a 3-device FREEDOME subscription, and you insert your subscription code on a 4th device, you get the Transfer prompt. Transfer the license.


    Please refer this KB article to know more about how does the Freedome subscription works.

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    If I can do transfer license multiple times on the same device what wnet wrong?Screenshot_20190724-142618.pngwo_code.JPG

    I have already read the earticle as the link under the message points to it.
    It tells how you can transfer the license, but it does say if you can do that to a device where you already had used the code before.

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    OK, thanks

    that code worked without uninstalling.

    I am not at home where I have all the details. Code came from a file where I had written the date of first use and according to that there was still time.

    Apparently the date was OK but the code was from somewhere else.
    Now I can confirm that the license can be trasferred back to a device from which it has been transferred away to another device.



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