Freedome Account ID


Where can I find Freedome Account ID/Subscription code?


I have checked the emails from when I purchased the F-Secure TOTAL product, but there is no code in the email.


I can log-in to my f-secure portal, but I can't see any account ID/subscription code anywhere.


I am trying to install the freedome vpn on my iPad Pro.  It is installed on other products and I have enough licences left.

Can someone please help?


  • Bmorty
    Bmorty Posts: 3

    It works now...but I know where the confusion for me and many others clearly comes from.


    When following these steps, it says that my subscription has expired...when it clearly hasn't.


    I then have the options of buying a new annual or monthly subscription...or clicking one of the following:


    Did you already buy a multi-platform subscription?


    Restore iTunes purchases Log in


    It looks like the 'log in' option is part of the iTunes purchases part.  


    You should make it a lot clearer that these are separate options.





  • Sethu
    Sethu Posts: 724 Moderator

    Hello @Bmorty 


    Glad to know that you have managed to activated the subscription for TOTAL Freedome.  I will certainly forward your feedback to relevant department for future enhancement.

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