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Where can I find Freedome Account ID/Subscription code?


I have checked the emails from when I purchased the F-Secure TOTAL product, but there is no code in the email.


I can log-in to my f-secure portal, but I can't see any account ID/subscription code anywhere.


I am trying to install the freedome vpn on my iPad Pro.  It is installed on other products and I have enough licences left.

Can someone please help?

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  • SethuSethu Posts: 638 Moderator
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    Hello @Bmorty 


    You don't need an account ID/Subscription for your TOTAL Freedome package. All you need to use the My F-secure login credential to activate the subscription in the Freedome VPN on your iPad pro. 


    Click here to see the steps if you have already Freedome installed on your device.


    Click here to see the steps if you are doing a fresh installation on your device.



  • BmortyBmorty Posts: 3

    It works now...but I know where the confusion for me and many others clearly comes from.


    When following these steps, it says that my subscription has expired...when it clearly hasn't.


    I then have the options of buying a new annual or monthly subscription...or clicking one of the following:


    Did you already buy a multi-platform subscription?


    Restore iTunes purchases Log in


    It looks like the 'log in' option is part of the iTunes purchases part.  


    You should make it a lot clearer that these are separate options.





  • SethuSethu Posts: 638 Moderator

    Hello @Bmorty 


    Glad to know that you have managed to activated the subscription for TOTAL Freedome.  I will certainly forward your feedback to relevant department for future enhancement.

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