Re: Why i conect to any server

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same problem here from time to time, but totally blocked today for all servers.

- I'm from France - Free Network

- Freedome 2.27.5861.0

- Windows 10 1809 x64


Additional issue is when I tried to power off Freedome, I can for the first time then If I power On again, it stay stuck (Power Off not possible without rebooting)


Help needed.


Thanks in advance.




    SPAZ_JAMMER Posts: 14 New Member

    the problem is back! cannot connect to any server.

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    Apologies for the delayed response on this post.


    May I know in which country you are living now? and did you try re-install the freedome and check agian?,  please try connecting your device with different network i.e wife/LAN to Mobile hotspot, check agian. For instance, you can use your laptop as mobile hotspot in windows 10 to check whether the Freedome ON. If you have already perform all steps, but the issue still reproduce.


    Please get in touch with our support team via Live Chat or Phone in order to troubleshoot this further. Please generate the logs and provide it along to our support team for further investigation.

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