Script error - cannot solve; cannot uninstall

Hi there. I attempt to install F-SecureOnlineScanner, but a script error reappears whenever i attempt to install or to switch on my computer. This is a bit annoying. 


I have tried the official uninstaller, but it did not work. 


I no longer want to user this scanner anymore, but just want to get rid of the error message whever I turn my computer on. Can anyone help?


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    There was a discussion with related view:

    Could you check this topic and doublecheck whether any suggestion is useful for your experience or not(?!).



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    Many thanks. I indeed read all the related threads before posting, as the threads offer no quick solution.


    I am using Window 7.  I no longer want to use any F-secure products given the troubles of the script error stuff, and I tried (1) update the IE, (2) untick "checking script errort" in IE, (3) use the official uninstaller for F-secure products.  But this script error box still appears everytime I login to my window.


    I just want a simple method to remove this script box - I do not even want to use any F-secure products anymore.

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    Thanks for your feedback.


    Just as sidenote: I am only an F-Secure user (their home solutions).

    In general, it is possible to try reach their official Support Channel (chat as example) for potential remote help. Although, I am not sure whether this is a case for their work or not. But just because sounds that trouble is pinned to F-Secure Tool and there are multiple topics about - maybe good to, at least, inform them about. 

    Probably, it is only not so tricky method to remove this script box.

    Otherwise, need to troubleshoot a bit.

    So, if Windows 7 with all available updates (installed) , Internet Explorer with most recent available build for Windows 7 (11) and with its further updates.... then good to check next things:

    -- for example, what is about Autorun / Autostart keys?

    With Windows 7 - possible to press "Win + R" (to launch "Run"), to type "msconfig" and then to open "Autorun / Autostart" tab.

    Look if any entry is about this tool and if so - delete it.


    -- maybe to clean up Browser's cache or Temp folders.

    In addition, manually search filesystem against "F-Secure" keyword and to remove this folders.

    Of course, restart/reboot system then and check situation.


    -- another tricky suggestion is restore back Internet Explorer from its current build (Internet Explorer 11?) to default (to uninstall updates / deactivate it / or to install previous builds). Just as check (with further updating back).


    There is another Microsoft article with good overview (perhaps):

    Completely good itself, but also with steps how to remove Temporary Internet Files. And with suggestion to try install latest DirectX:

    Although, these points (probably) were mentioned during previous discussions.

    I will recommened to try "DirectX"-point before any futher steps.



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