Banking protection activated only once.

I have bought a new subscription after using Freedome for a year and after the purchase i got a code in my mail, I entered it on the computer into the app and it worked fine. However a few days later when I was going to use it on my ipad it did not work and when i tried to add it to an account online it says "Could not find any coupon for code" Even though it is the exact same one i used a few days ago.


Please Help!!

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    Hello @scrisp 


    Did you purchase the F-secure Freedome via F-secure store? If yes, you can able to re-use the key multiple times until expiry date. Please refe this KB article to know more about how to transfer a Freedome license code in right way.


    You can try uninstall and re-install the Freedome on your iPad and check again.


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    Now the title was autofilled to something else and i don't know how to change...., anyhow it was 'Code only worked once'

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    I reinstalled the  application on my ipad and then it accepted the code even though it was the exact same one i entered before and in the same spot!!


    Thank you for the help

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