Re-installation on I-Pad

I had Freedome VPN on 3 devices but it got messed up during license transfer. As it was due to expire shortly anyway,I have just bought new subscription for 5 devices.

Managed to delete and re-instalon laptopusing new code. 

However I am not able to use new subscription on iPad or iPhone as it keep reverting to previous one. Have uninstalled on these devices but when I reinstall (from only option - App Store) it just reverts to old version.

Do I have to wait for the old one to expire before I can activate new purchase code?

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  • SethuSethu Posts: 634 Moderator
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    Hello @Mutley 


    May I know the date of expiry shows on your Freedome?  please note that Freedome multi-platform subscription, you will be able to enter your new renewal code only on the " Have a code?" option which should visiable automatically starting from 30 days before the subscription expires in the Freedome app.


    Please take a look of this article to know more about the grace pereiod lengths available for all other Freedome subsription options.



  • MutleyMutley Posts: 2

    Thanks. Beginning to make sense. Current subscription expires 14 May so will wait out until -30 days from then. Thanks again.

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