Grace periods with FREEDOME subscriptions

When FREEDOME subscription expires and you want to switch to a different subscription option, there are scenarios in which a grace period prevents you from entering your new FREEDOME subscription code into the product.

Scenario 1: Switching from Apple App Store F-Secure FREEDOME subscription to F-Secure FREEDOME or TOTAL multi-platform subscription (iOS only)

The grace period length depends on the original Apple App Store subscription type:

Apple App Store subscription type Grace period
Monthly renewing subscription 3 days
Yearly renewing subscription 7 days

During this period, you are not able to activate FREEDOME with your new subscription code until the grace period is over. However, FREEDOME remains fully functional even though it displays the subscription as expired.

Note: Auto-renewing Apple App Store subscription must be manually cancelled from Apple iTunes when switching to F-Secure FREEDOME or TOTAL multi-platform subscription. The subscription will be renewed if it has not been manually discontinued. More information can be found on Apple support pages.

Scenario 2: Switching from F-Secure TOTAL subscription to F-Secure FREEDOME subscription

When F-Secure TOTAL subscription expires, there is a 9-day grace period to allow for normal renewal of F-Secure TOTAL subscription. During this grace period, FREEDOME remains expired and cannot be used, unless renewed still as F-Secure TOTAL. You are able to switch to and activate your F-Secure FREEDOME multi-platform subscription after the grace period is over.

Pricing & Product Info

For product info and pricing please go to the F-Secure Freedome product page

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