renewal problems

i have just renewed my subscription but when i check to see if it has worked (online account) it says device is not yet protected but to try to release the license and add it again ive done this multiple times but nothing is working 

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  • SethuSethu Posts: 636 Moderator
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    Hello @chloee 


    Based on your email address, we can see only order for F-secure safe and its valid, but the device name appeared  "not protected" as we have now refeshed the account that should fix the issue. You can try once agian re-installing the Safe and check agian. 


    We have cross checked your email but there is no order found for Freedome VPN.


  • SethuSethu Posts: 636 Moderator

    Hello @chloee 


    May I know where did you purchase the F-secure Freedome? Have you tried to uninstall and re-installed the Freedome to check again?

  • chloeechloee Posts: 2

    I bought it from the f secure website and I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but the problem continued

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