Unable to enter activatin code after renewing

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I got these instructions to activate Freedome that I got after renewing:



  • Open FREEDOME on your device.
  • Go to the menu and select subscription.
  • Enter subscription/account ID code


I followed them exactly as indicated, but there appears to be no way of doing the final bullet. All that Freedome displays is a message that it is active until the (old) expiration date, without any way of entering the renewal activation code. Is any step missing from the above instructions? Do I have to uninstall and reinstall Freedome (in which case the above instructions are entirely off the mark)?


Thanks in advance.


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    Hello @pbarreto 


    Did you purchase the multi-platform subscription for Freedome via F-secure website? if yes, you will be able to enter your new renewal code on the " Have a code?" option that appeared automatically starting from 30 days before the subscription expires in the Freedome app. 


    You can also refer this article to know the grace pereiod lengths available for all other Freedome subsription options.

  • pbarreto
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    Yes, that's what I did. But the instructions I got were exactly the ones I posted (no mention to any calendar restriction, so the instructions are incomplete at the very least). Also, I renewed the subscription this early (six weeks in advance of the expiration date) because I got an email telling me it was about time to do so; then that email was in error as well?

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    Hello @pbarreto 


    Thank you for renewing the subscription for Freedome, the renewal code received by email can be activated at anytime. Meaning, the new renewal subscription start count from the date of activation. All we would advise you to wait for sometime to see the " Have a code?" option to activate the new code.


    By doing so, the remaning days left from the old subscription will be carry forwarded/merged to new code in proper way.

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    Really, F-Secure, you need to FIX the instructions that come with renewal.
    Not to mention the loose and not confidence-inspiring renewal process.

    You are Finnish, I know Finland, and I expect this from you. Others will also.

    And, you are F-Secure. Even more expectation.

    Here's the scene you create:
    - email comes, early, promising 13 month offer if one renews now
    - accept, go to your website from its link

    - you are immediately in a blind, generic Pay or Renew page.

    - you find the Pay area. No mention here you are a  customer. And renewing.

    - This page tries to get your Credit Card Information. No, in an age of incessant break-ins.

    - Quite well hidden below, there actually is Paypal, which I used last time.
    - I use this. Let's not talk about their difficulties invented yet again.
    - Payment is successful. CleverBridge posts invoice, CODE, and instructions

    - These instructions lead to a completely blind alley. 

    - Your Win10 app gives NO  OPPORTUNITY per instructions to enter the code

    - Your app also gives no clue except that the current subscription is soon to expire

    - emails are no better at informing. 

    - far too much trouble to find where I can actually discover this  note

    - ok, renewal code blank 'will appear'. Sometime.

    - Do I trust this, or to recall by the time some date, I have to calculate, will come?

    - I find that you passed this off when already informed of the problem. Customer  awareness??
    - Freedome is technically a fine product, quite appreciated in its aspects as a VPN.
    - you let it and F-Secure of reputation down, here and other ways I've dealt with Support

    - one more Big Annoyance...
    - when one does log in, one is told Your Subscription is Expired
    - this turns out to be because logging in always tries to sell you SAFE

    - SAFE is not Freedome at all, and is  as much cost again

    - I already got caught in this cycle, had a look at SAFE, and declined, months ago

    - customer experience was not rosy around this episode  either

    I know you can improve, and I know what sisu is, as you do.
    Thank you. Kiitos.


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