Installation of F-Secure SAFE

I have been trying to install F-Secure for the first time on my Windows XP.

When I press Run the installer, the message pops up that this as not a valid Win 32 application.

Does this mean that subscription to F-Secure is no use to me, as it is incompatible with my PC?

If not, how do I resolve the problem?

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    Hello @malky113 


    Our Windows XP for F-Secure SAFE and F-Secure Internet Security are came to an ended on 30th June 2016, after providing an extended period of support for the operating system. Microsoft company has ended its support for Windows XP in April 2017.  F-secure program required a latest windows update in order remove the latest virus, so F-secure has no longer support windows XP/Vista as we have notified to all our customers via F-secure update and by email.


    For more details :

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