How do you view and edit what devices are covered?

I recently got a new iPad. How do I view my devices so I can see if my new iPad is covered (and remove my old one if it's still there)?

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    Hello @Nimrodel 


    You can manage your license through My F-secure. In case, if you happen to see two names for same device and need to remove the duplicate one. There are some ways to find the duplicate/unused device name and release license from My F-secure


    Step A: By default the name should follow the device name that has been setup by the user on the device. This can be check under Settings> General> About or Click here to see the instructions about changing name on your iOS.  It should follow the details of your device name saved on your My F-secure.


    Step B: You can try change/set up the time limit/bed time and adjust the device use limits to 15 minutes in the family rules for the device. You can now turn on both devices at the same time and you'll see which device prompts for "Unlock" after 15 minutes.


    This should give you an idea of which device is protected, that you have based on the new iPad



  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,612 Superuser

    It's all done through your SAFE Portal.

  • NimrodelNimrodel Posts: 2
    Yes, but where? I've clicked on everything on that page. It tells me how many devices are covered, but not what they are.
  • SimonSimon Posts: 2,612 Superuser

    Umm...  I'd have to check and I'm not in a position to be able to do so right now.  As far as I'm aware the names of the devices should come up in the portal under Devices, so is it worth checking that your iPad has been named in its own settings?

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