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I have a paid licence for 3 devices. One of those devices was replaced by a new one. When I log-in in the new device I get the message that "this account id is not valid for this device". I do not get the message to transfer a license.

Please let me clearly understand what I need to be doing on

a) the device that will be redundant,

b) the new device that should receive one of my three paid licences.


Appreciate your help.



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  • SethuSethu Posts: 642 Moderator
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    Hello @Only1Bagheera 


    Its possible to transfer license if you have a valid subscription for Freedome. We need to double check your subscription type for Freedome.


    Did you purchase the F-secure freedome subscription through F-secure website/retailer ? or bought through app stores such as Google Play or Apple App Store



  • Appreciate your feedback, thanks.


    In the meantime I talked to one of your agents via chat and he was able to help me. 


    Issue solved by now.



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