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The header tells it all. I tired Hong Kong as a virtual location in addition to Finland, but that didn't help. I can access Godox if I turn Freedome off, or use a proxy. It's the same with Android and MacOS.


Godox is a Chinese photography lighting equipment manufacturer.


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    Hello @TeroH 


    Thank you for bring this to our attention, the F-Secure program will try to block or consider certain websites as a potential risk. This also might be highly considered as a false-positive.


    To attend to this issue, we have a Sample Analysis Department (SAS) to help verify the URL's. Kindly Submit these samples for verification to our SAS team. They will then liaise the issue with you directly.


    Please open this link :


    And submit the URL and remember to tick this : I want to give more details about this sample and to be notified of the analysis results​.


    You can then provide the information, and describe the issue, so that our virus lab analyse the situation and contact you as quick as possible.


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    I received an answer to this and decided to share it here since it is likely to be useful for others as well. Short version, China does not want to play with VPN services.




    "...with Freedome enabled, access to certain Chinese websites or Chinese internet services often results in an error message saying that the server IP address cannot be found. This is due to the policy restrictions set by the Chinese government, which blocks VPN connections in their network for both local residents and foreign people traveling in China.

    For instance, if a Chinese internet service, such as a website, has all of its Domain Name Servers (DNS) in China, the Freedome VPN servers will not have access to the website. If the internet service in question has at least one of its DNS servers outside China, it may remain accessible to Freedome users. Due to the nature of the issue, we are unable to solve this."

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