Uninstallation tool integrated to Product package

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Feature Reguest: Uninstallation tool integrated into Product package

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    Just as discussion between users.

    But how it should be? Or what is Uninstallation tool's set of features?


    About current state:

    I think that expected design is normal uninstallating by common steps (as designed with system; Control Panel / List of installed software for Windows, for example). Then if it is needed - possible to perform further clean up by F-Secure Uninstallation Tool: https://www.f-secure.com/en/web/home_global/support-tools

    Or if there is a trouble - to use this tool from first.


    But if such tool is integrated into product (and trouble with product) - maybe such tool can be inaccessible with such design. Or what is point of "Uninstallation tool integrated into Product package"? For example, default uninstallation flow is not enough for something?



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    What i actually ment was that the uninstallation tool would be integrated into eg. windows/mac Safe product(package) as a small separate binary(1,8Mb) in order to use  without downloading the tool after problems..There are many articles and issues concerning  installation problems in this column and for example when installing F-Secure products on devices over older versions,problems may arise.Automagic uninstallation and reinstallation normally solves the problem.F-Secure Sense(win)  allready includes F-Secure support tool btw.


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    Thanks for response.


    F-Secure SAFE (for Windows) also with "Support Tool" (at least, if F-Secure SENSE application for Windows and its Support Tool are about collecting required logs as described for fsdiag).


    Maybe such a request is good. I only think that maybe more nice design is to use common uninstallation flow (always when it is possible). And if it is not possible (but it is should not be too often) - to download Uninstallation Tool is not something troublesome (since if previous installation is still persist - good to use designed flow for uninstalling; if installation is broken or remained small items - integrated uninstallation tool can be broken too).

    Also, there is sidegrade check and ability to automatically uninstall another/previous F-Secure installation and to install fresh installation (as reinstallation). Maybe such design is more nice (no need to request user's own steps practically).


    Anyway, sorry for my replies - I only F-Secure user (their home solutions). Only just as discussion between users and my own try to understand feature request points.




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    Always use product's own uninstallation flow to remove it. The uninstallation tool is meant only as a "last resort" option when everything else has failed.


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